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Peter I. Richter, Ph.D. Peter I. Richter, Ph.D., Project Director and Senior Scientist: Environmental Technologies Development

Dr. Richter received his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Budapest and was awarded the Doctor of Technical Science Degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

After working for a number of years in the optical industry where he was director of a research group on gas-lasers, Dr. Richter joined the Department of Atomic Physics of the Technical University of Budapest where he is now professor and head of the department. His areas of research are optoelectronics and laser physics including their practical application to the solution of environmental problems.

Dr. Richter initiates and directs projects which are supported by government agencies or under contract from industry. These projects are in the areas of optical data storage, acousto optics, optical signal processing, laser remote sensing, new and emerging optical technologies and applied spectroscopy. He is an active member of the Hungarian Physical and Optical Societies and has served on various Boards of the Hungarian Committee for Technical Development.

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