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Margaret Cheryl Burkhardt Margaret Cheryl Burkhardt, Coordinator: ICER/FSU PK5 Initiative

Ms. Burkhardt received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education at Valdosta State University in 1977, and a Master of Science Degree in Education from Valdosta State University in 1980 (summa cum laude). Ms. Burkhardt is currently teaching Kindergarten at South Grade Elementary School in Lake Worth, Florida. From 2002-2004 she was Science Resource Teacher for Kindergarten through grade 5 at South Grade Elementary School. Ms. Burkhardt holds certification from the State of Florida Department of Education in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) with concentration in the areas of Underrepresented Gifted populations including ESOL, migrant and minority students. Since 1977 she has been involved with teaching at the K-5 grade levels in both the Georgia and Florida school systems. Ms. Burkhardt has continued her advanced study in planning and implementation of ESOL elementary curricula strategies in the Language Arts and Science. This advanced study has emphasized curriculum development, guidance and counseling, and the nature and needs of students with a cross-cultural perspective. Ms. Burkhardt's stay in Nigeria and her extensive travel in other African countries strongly influenced her interest in the needs of students from multicultural backgrounds. As a Supervising Teacher with the Professional Orientation Program for the School Board of Palm Beach County, Ms. Burkhardt continues to contribute to the awareness of the needs of Multicultural Population students.

In 1980 Ms. Burkhardt was honored as the Outstanding Graduate in Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University and, in addition, she was recognized as Teacher of the Year at the W.G. Nunn Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia. In 2000 Ms. Burkhardt was nominated as the William T. Dwyer Outstanding Educator for the School System of Palm Beach County, Florida. Ms. Burkhardt is a member of the Classroom Teachers Association of Palm Beach County, the National Education Association, National Reading Council and the American Association of University Women.

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