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FDFS Workers' Compensation

CBTR staff was involved in a lengthy and detailed assessment of Workers' Compensation injury profiles for the Division of Risk Management, Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS). The project evaluated injury types, frequency and severity as experienced by staff employees of the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) at a variety of specialized care facilities. The project was conducted by CBTR at the request of FDFS to identify injury types, or causes, which could be reduced by additional training, modified procedures, staffing changes, or specialized equipment. APD residential facilities at Sunland (Marianna), Tacachale (Gainesville), and the Mentally Retarded Defendant Program (MRDP; Chattahoochee) were evaluated in detail, site visits were conducted to each facility, and a Final Report with specific recommendations was prepared for the Florida Office of the Chief Financial Officer who directs FDFS.

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